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Benefit Or Barrier? Research Shows Pivotal Role Of Tech In Staff Satisfaction
Benefit Or Barrier? Research Shows Pivotal Role Of Tech In Staff Satisfaction

Benefit Or Barrier? Research Shows Pivotal Role Of Tech In Staff Satisfaction

Freshworks Inc. have recently unveiled results of a survey of over 9000 workers, revealing that businesses globally face a potential workplace crisis due to inadequate technology - damaging employee productivity, mental health and the ability to retain talent*. Despite the global shift to hybrid work igniting the biggest surge in technology investment in history, an overwhelming 91% of employees report being frustrated due to inadequate workplace technology.

Simon Waugh, MD at Pro Cloud Solutions concurs: “Tech frustration, and ways to overcome it, is a common theme in the regular conversations that I have with businesses - particularly in those early-stage discussions as we really get to know new clients. In our work as a Managed Service Provider, we’ve had the satisfaction of seeing how great tech can have such a positive impact on not only business operations, but also on team morale, so the statistics from this research really hit home”

Efficiency and Productivity

At Pro Cloud Solutions we understand the direct link between these two pillars of business success, and all too often see the negative impact on both, when systems and ways of working are no longer fit for purpose – particularly for those firms where operations have now ceased to be carried out all under one roof.

Despite the capabilities of tech being a hot topic both during and post pandemic, the June 2022 Freshworks research found that employees reported widespread failures from the workplace technology they use every day.

Top complaints included:

  • Slow speeds (51%)

  • Extended response times from IT teams (34%)

  • Lack of collaboration between departments (30%)

  • Missing important features/capabilities (28%)

  • Lack of automation (25%)

The Freshworks survey also reveals that dated tech is restricting business productivity, as frustrated employees grapple with daily IT challenges. More than half (57%) of unsatisfied employees say their current software makes them less productive. Nearly half (44%) of employees surveyed say the time spent dealing with technology issues has increased since the beginning of the pandemic.

MSPs Can Make All The Difference

We are often asked why a business should use a Managed Service Provider (MSP) such as ourselves, and much as the survey figures are a difficult read, a move to cloud based IT through Pro Cloud Solutions is a positive step to mitigating much of the frustration demonstrated in the research, as our services offer businesses of all sizes a real step change in both IT efficiency and productivity. Take a look at our recent blog for more detail on the host of benefits that we bring to business.

Impact of Technology on Staff Wellbeing

Nearly half (49%) of the employees surveyed by Freshworks reported that inadequate workplace technology causes them to feel stressed, and 48% claim it has negatively impacted their mental health. This is felt at all levels, with 38% of business leaders reporting that their failure to deliver adequate workplace technology to their stakeholders causes them to feel stressed.

As businesses make a more permanent move to hybrid or flexi working, the ongoing effects of more separated ways of working must not be ignored. Moreover, as these new practices allow for far more remote working, from almost endless locations both nationally and internationally, reliable technology which is both fit for purpose and up to date is a vital factor in reducing workplace stress. This is reinforced by recent research from Ricoh** which reveals that a third of UK employees regularly feel unmotivated while working remotely, due to technology and communication issues.

The Difference Is Pro Cloud Solutions

Our team of tech experts offer a round the clock support service, ensuring that when it comes to speed, our clients benefit from not only rapid connection, but also swift resolution of issues. Employees are willing to accept that sometimes things don’t work as they should, but the stress and frustration comes when they either don’t know who to ask, or in-house support is not wraparound - meaning that these issues aren’t fixed quickly. Furthermore, as we make it our business to really understand our clients, we are always looking for common or reoccurring issues so we can present solutions and offer staff training.

We understand the major role that the ability to communicate and collaborate has on both business operations and staff morale. Partnering with Pro Cloud Solutions opens up access to the latest technology from the Microsoft 365 suite, that both allows and fosters connected working, and our certified team are on hand to advise at every step.

Speak to us about the comms and shared working barriers in your organisation and we can advise on the particular aspects of Microsoft 365 that can make a real and lasting impact to dialogue within your business, as well as help you ensure all your team are using these tools to the maximum benefit. Our handy guide to the advantages of the Microsoft 365 applications can be found here.

Impact of Technology on Recruitment and Retention

There was much discussion in the latter half of 2021 about the so-called ‘Great Resignation’, where thousands of employees looked for what they hoped would be a ‘grass is greener’ career change or job move. Worryingly, this trend seems to be continuing, adding real pressure on the jobs market, as 44% of workers surveyed by Freshworks stated they were considering leaving their current employer in 2022.

Whilst pay and benefits will always top the ‘reasons to leave’ in such surveys, it is insightful to see both lack of flexible working opportunities and innovative tech are in the top five. Recent UK specific research by Ricoh revealed that people felt inadequate technology and a lack of collaborative working environment were holding back more accommodating and agile ways of working, directly leading to negative feelings of the business being stale and behind the times. David Mills, CEO, Ricoh Europe, adds: “While digital transformation may have been on their long-term roadmap, there’s now no time to waste for business. Without the technology that makes it easy and safe to work effectively from anywhere, business owners are facing a brain drain of their top talent”

Partner with Pro Cloud Solutions

We understand that your team are the heartbeat of your company, and we appreciate the high cost of recruitment both in time and money. Partnering with Pro Cloud Solutions gives you access to the latest technology and our experienced team will work with you to ensure frustrations are reduced by the introduction of smarter and more connected ways of working, matched specifically to the make-up of your business and the needs of you and your staff.

Simon Waugh concludes: “Working with Pro Cloud Solutions is all about parity of technology - we take away the worry of keeping up with the competition, guaranteeing that access to great IT isn’t dependent on the budget for a large tech spend. Manageable monthly payments that can flex up and down dependent on need, ensure that your team benefit from industry leading systems, security and connectivity whatever your company size. Pro Cloud Solutions enables your business to maintain that competitive edge, helping you to retain expertise within your team as you strive forward for new business”

For a friendly conversation about the precise needs of your particular business operation, Pro Cloud Solutions offer a free initial consultation with one of our expert team – contact us today.


Pro Cloud Solutions provides Cloud IT and Hosting Services to a range of businesses across the UK and around the World. Based in Taunton, Somerset and proud to support local businesses.



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