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Why Your SME Needs An MSP – Insight From The Experts At Pro Cloud Solutions
Why Your SME Needs An MSP – Insight From The Experts At Pro Cloud Solutions

Why Your SME Needs An MSP – Insight From The Experts At Pro Cloud Solutions

In a nutshell, partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for your business’ IT needs takes you from a position of decision making based on thinking you know what is best, to developing tech strategies centred around what definitely is the optimum for the business.

Simon Waugh, MD at Pro Cloud Solutions explains: “It is really inspirational to discuss business with the directors of SMEs – they are very often fearless and agile, and it is commonplace that their passion for what they offer has led to impressive company growth. We do however, find that quite regularly the level of digital expertise within the business has not kept pace with the firm’s expansion.”

Cost And The Cost Of Not

In an organisation where cash-flow is king there is often a perception that having a more switched-on IT strategy will come at unmanageable cost. However, one of the main benefits of using an MSP is that resource decisions can be more easily made based on the company’s individual technology needs, with the MSP using their expertise to ensure that only what is needed is provided, and that applications are adding real value.

Furthermore, partnering with an MSP brings no requirement for significant upfront expenditure, and many SMEs find the regular monthly payments not only easier to budget for, but also dependable on the basis that there is no need for contingency funds to be set aside.

Whilst discussing finances here, it is important to also focus on the potential cost ramifications of continuing ‘as is’. Simon expands: “In many of the conversations I have with business leaders, when it comes to decisions on how to implement and manage IT systems, there is a reliance on their most tech-literate member of staff, who more often than not was never recruited with company IT as part of their position or responsibilities. Much as this resourceful characteristic is always admirable, relying on someone with limited knowledge within the business can be a vulnerable strategy, with potential costly implications.”

Keeping Your Business Safe And Secure

Taking a scatter gun approach to IT, or relying on the assumptions of well meaning, but often under-skilled team members can leave a business and its sensitive data exposed, particularly as access to company files is required from a growing number of locations and from across a variety of devices.

Working with an MSP affords secure protection for mission critical data and systems. Providers such as Pro Cloud Solutions apply industry leading security protocols to each part of their process, and will have robust disaster recovery mechanisms in place. It is also true that the sophistication of cyber security measures implemented by the MSP’s cloud data centres will be far beyond those affordable to most SMEs.

Simon corroborates: “From a security perspective alone, by relying on someone with limited knowledge you could be opening your business up to cyber threats that could end up costing a lot more than partnering with an MSP.”

ENISA, the EU Agency for Cyber Security is also clear in its warning to SMEs: “In a time of increased remote work and growing cyber threats, SMEs are facing major cyber security challenges. Low-security budget, lack of cyber-skills and increase in cyber-attacks can seriously impact SME's competitiveness and compromise the supply chain they are connected to. This is why it is fundamental for SMEs to start taking the right steps to secure their business.

Efficiency And Expertise At Your Beck And Call

Technological advancements continue to move at an incredible pace, and much as this regularly brings the opportunity add both capability and efficiency to business operations, these innovations can only really benefit business when decision making involves an outsourced partner, or an employee who is not only tech-savvy, but who also regularly undergoes training and development to fully understand new advancements.

“At Pro Cloud Solutions, we understand that for many SMEs, having an in-house IT expert with their finger on the pulse of shifts in the tech sector is out of reach. That’s why one of the main advantages of using an MSP such as ourselves, is the up to the minute insight we can offer the firms we partner with – helping them introduce new applications that yield measured efficiency” adds Simon.

Whilst discussing expertise here, it is important to also note that working with an MSP offers access to this know-how across many more hours than any in-house employee is available, with providers offering support on a 24/7 365 basis. The advantages of this aspect will only increase as more firms expand their operations internationally, as well as introducing flexible and hybrid working patterns for their teams.

Enabling Growth

In the same way that an SME would look to bring in the expertise of an employment or HR specialist to ensure the successful recruitment for key expansion roles, partnering with an MSP to implement and manage IT systems ensures the continued growth of the business can be achieved swiftly and securely. As a key benefit, MSPs such as Pro Cloud Solutions offer tech-agility as products and services can be up- and down-scaled as the need requires and changes can be implemented without stifling lag times.

Furthermore, using a trusted IT partner means that advice is always on hand regarding what set up is the best fit, not only for your business’ current situation, but to meet the objectives of future growth and development plans.

Not All MSPs Are The Same – Put Your Trust In Pro Cloud Solutions

  • Whether engaging with Pro Cloud Solutions is your first step in outsourcing, or you are already used to delegating aspects of your business to external specialists, you can be assured that our aim is to get you working smarter and faster.

  • The Pro Cloud Solutions difference is that we really are a one stop shop for all your IT support needs and we are specialists in helping companies of all sizes with digital transformation.

  • We appreciate that your needs can change over time and so the breadth of products and services we offer mean that whatever you need, you can achieve it through us and we’ll ensure what you are paying for is always the best fit.

  • What’s more, with our ongoing client support we will identify possible IT weaknesses you may have, and work with you to overcome any issues.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts and learn how working with Pro Cloud Solutions will enable your business to develop and grow, with digital efficiency and cyber security built in to every process.


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