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Online Safety And Security – At Pro Cloud Solutions Your Business Is Safe In Our Hands
Online Safety And Security – At Pro Cloud Solutions Your Business Is Safe In Our Hands

Online Safety And Security – At Pro Cloud Solutions Your Business Is Safe In Our Hands

The ever-onward march of technology, coupled with post-pandemic ‘new normal’ working patterns, means that more business processes and operations are being carried out online or digitally than ever before. Furthermore, company information and systems are being accessed over a growing number of devices in often a wide and varied number of locations, across the UK and abroad.

It is also unfortunately a fact that as digital usage is increasing, so are the potential threats to online safety and security. Here at Pro Cloud Solutions, many of the conversations we have with clients and potential customers are around mitigating the business’ wider online exposure with measures to protect access to mission critical data and systems.

Assessing the Threats

According to the National Cyber Security Centre's 2021 annual review [1], there were three times as many ransomware attacks in the first quarter of 2021 than in the whole of 2019.

The recent Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022 compiled annually by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport [2] reports that threats to cyber security (such as phishing, denial of service or malware) are rising, with 39% of businesses reporting a cyber security incident in the last 12 months, and of those firms, 31% estimating that they were attacked at least once a week.

This comes as almost two-thirds of respondents told Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s wide-ranging late 2021 survey of UK Executives [3] that they expect cyber-security threats of all shapes to increase significantly over time.

In contrast to the vital and expanding part that digital and online applications play in our business lives, the DCMS survey suggests that whilst cyber security is being discussed at board level more than it was when the survey was first run in 2016/ 17, despite high profile instances of cyber-attacks over the last few years, tackling threat is not moving much further up the agenda.

Providing the Solutions

Using Outsourced Specialists to demystify the process

The DCMS survey found that medium and smaller organisations took little proactive action on cyber security, driven by a lack of internal knowledge and competing priorities with their budgets. They often had a fear of the technicalities of cyber security and a preference to not research and mitigate against the risks they presented. The survey also found that despite the quality and assurance advantages that using an outsourced IT specialist can bring, only 40% of UK businesses were working with one in any capacity.

At Pro Cloud Solutions we look after businesses of all sizes, and with all levels of technical knowledge. We have significant experience of ensuring that when it comes to IT security and protection, we always package our services to provide the best fit for each individual company.

Our team are highly skilled, armed with all the very latest knowledge and certification – but what makes Pro Cloud Solutions different is that we are on a mission to work across all levels of understanding, each and every time. This ensures our advice is clear and uncomplicated from initial service discussions through to implementation and our ongoing support services.

Balancing Security and Budgetary Concerns

The DCMS survey found that many businesses knew there could be a potentially devastating impact on their firm from a cyber-attack, but were not sure of the specifics of how to manage this from a budgetary point of view. Concerns over possible costs and worry over potential significant outlay meant financial priorities often focused on the immediate operational side of the organisation, rather than on protection and risk mitigation.

With Pro Cloud Solutions, our industry leading services are cloud-based, with no requirement for significant upfront expenditure, and many of the firms we look after find the regular monthly payments not only easier to budget for, but also dependable on the basis that there is no need for contingency funds to be set aside.

Our best-in-class range of services and applications are at the forefront of innovation and compliance, meaning that whatever package we put together, clients can be assured that our knowledgeable team of industry experts apply sophisticated security protocols to each part of the process, and ensure robust disaster recovery mechanisms are in place.

Using the very latest updates and application upgrades

The National Cyber Security Centre regularly warns that pre 8.1 versions of Microsoft Windows are no longer tech supported, and so pose an increased security threat, with added exposure and vulnerability. Worryingly though, the DCMS survey highlights that 23 – 25% of medium and large businesses still have older versions of windows installed on company devices.

At Pro Cloud Solutions we take away all of the complication around updates and upgrades for our clients. Unlike traditional on-premises software which requires regular maintenance and upgrades, with our cloud-based 365 suite, Microsoft provides an ever-evolving platform, with new capabilities being released regularly. We work hand in hand with businesses to ensure that teams are always accessing the most up to date versions of Microsoft 365 products, which have the very latest innovations and security provisions in-built.

As we increasingly benefit from, but also rely more heavily on the use of technology in our business operations, it has never been more important to ensure that sound measures are in place to protect data, systems and staff.

Reach out to Pro Cloud Solutions for an initial conversation with one of our expert team. Our aim, from the moment you contact us, is to work alongside your business, ensuring that partnering with Pro Cloud Solutions has a real and lasting impact on the efficiency and security on your company.


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