Benefits of a Pro Cloud Hosted Remote Desktop

Security & Peace of Mind

  • Secure encrypted connection via VPN and Remote Desktop Connection (L2TP/IPsec, MS-CHAP v2  and Preshared Key) 

  • Managed Anti-Virus software – includes live protection of emails, malware, web browsing, virus vault management and nightly scans.

  • Managed Cisco ASA Hardware firewall

  • Managed Windows firewall

  • Quarterly penetration tests.

Cost & Time Effective

  • No need to purchase a new server

  • No need to purchase upto date Office software

  • No more worrying about backups and having the stress of switching external drives.

  • No more IT Headaches.

Software Management

  • Latest version of MS Office Standard Edition which will be upgraded when Microsoft put out a new release. Office Standard includes Outlook, Word, Excel, Onenote and Powerpoint.  

  • Latest version of Remote Desktop Connection license.

  • Generic software management - Adobe, Java, Flash player, Foxit, Internet Browsers and many more..

  • Email configuration (via Outlook)

  • Third party software installation and support where applicable.

Managed Hosting

  • A fast server that we upgrade every year or two, meaning no more worries about upgrading server hardware.

  • Hosted in a secure data centre manned 24/7 with backup power.

  • Superfast fibre network provides low-latency and massive capacity bandwidth connectivity.

  • One of the latest versions of Windows Server Operating System.

Business Continuity

  • 90 days worth of full offsite daily backups as standard.

  • Backups stored in at least 2 separate date centers.

  • Rapid disaster recovery (if required) tested quarterly.

  • Managed backup software. 

  • Each server is a virtual machine in a high availability environment as standard.

  • 99.5% uptime

Flexible Working

  • Login to your virtual remote desktop server from anywhere providing you have an internet connection which means working from home or even from a client’s office is no longer a problem.

  • Can be accessed on various devices. All you need is Microsoft remote desktop - tested devices include all supported windows operating systems, android tablets, Mac’s, IPad’s, iPhone’s and android phones. 

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A cost effective IT solution