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Enjoy Hassle-Free Home Working With Pro Cloud Solutions
Enjoy Hassle-Free Home Working With Pro Cloud Solutions

Enjoy Hassle-Free Home Working With Pro Cloud Solutions

Over the last few years, we have seen organisations of every size and from every sector begin to understand that rather than being a blip in usual operations, the pandemic has actually brought about a cultural shift to the world of work like never before.

Social media and journalistic commentary are filled with buzzwords around this ‘new’ way of doing business: ‘virtual office’ and ‘flexible/ home/ hybrid working’ are all now regular discussion points. Furthermore, for both current and prospective employees, understanding the company’s working policy is becoming a real consideration, and therefore a major factor in recruitment and retention.

Put your trust in Pro Cloud Solutions

As you look to implement robust strategies and systems to allow your own business to navigate the ‘new normal’, you can put your trust in Pro Cloud Solutions – working with us opens up all the benefits of remote working, whilst protecting you from the risks. And what’s more, our team of tech experts are not only on hand to talk you through our range of industry leading products, we work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your business needs, making recommendations that are right for your specific organisation.

Flexibility with Consistency

Using the Pro Cloud Solutions innovative Hosted Desktop service means that you and your team have the flexibility to work from any location: at home, at the office, or indeed anywhere in the world – all that is needed is an internet connection. Adding to the simplicity, our service works seamlessly across all devices, so it makes no difference whether you are logging in using Windows, Android, Apple or Linux.

We understand how important it is for all your team to have company information, inbox and project files at their fingertips, so we ensure that wherever they are, using whatever device, our Hosted Desktop gives everyone consistent and speedy access to all of the systems and applications they need in order to work effectively.

Collaboration Without Compromising Compliance

At Pro Cloud Solutions we know that much of the work our clients undertake is team and project based – using our service makes sure that remote working doesn’t have to mean operating in isolation. You and your team have the latest suite of Microsoft applications readily available, allowing document creation, file sharing and easy access to Teams when conversations are key.

We fully appreciate though, that the sharing of company information across flexible working teams often brings with it concerns over data security. Rest assured that at Pro Cloud Solutions, protecting your digital assets is at the heart of our service. Our products have all the very latest security measures built in, meaning that however many team members you have, working across any number of locations, your data is safe, project information is secure and all systems are fully managed to ensure you are always using the most up to date versions, and our team of tech experts will look after all the licensing too.

Every business has company information for which access to differs, depending on the chain of command. Be assured that our team will work to understand your firm’s set up, enabling access to relevant material for those who need it, without compromising mission critical and sensitive data.

Maintaining Continuity And Ensuring Future Certainty

No matter what business sector you operate in, continuity of internal operations and service to customers is imperative, and with Pro Cloud Solutions no matter where you are working from our built in back up services and managed recovery systems ensure that you are consistently able to deliver the standards your company reputation is built on. Our knowledgeable and certified team are always on hand to offer advice, and to resolve issues speedily and efficiently.

The pandemic has taught us that we can never be certain of exactly what lies around the corner. At Pro Cloud Solutions we are proud of the flexibility we have built into all the services we offer. This means that if your operations need to pivot, or if circumstances change, we can adapt our provision to make sure that the service we provide is always fit for purpose and that you are only paying for what you require.

We also appreciate how rapidly technology advances, so be assured that our team undertake regular training and certification, enabling us to confidently advise as new and improved options are developed. This ensures that wherever our clients are working from, their business is always operating at the forefront of innovation.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts and learn how you and your team can enjoy hassle-free home working with Pro Cloud Solutions.


Pro Cloud Solutions provides Cloud IT and Hosting Services to a range of businesses across the UK and around the World. Based in Taunton, Somerset and proud to support local businesses.



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