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Are Basic Data Backups Robust Enough For My Business?
Are Basic Data Backups Robust Enough For My Business?

Are Basic Data Backups Robust Enough For My Business? 5 Reasons Why A 3rd Party Backup Service Is A Vital Tool In Protecting Your Data.

‘In the Cloud we Trust’

We have all become so used to using cloud services domestically – and since the pandemic, increasingly for business – that we have inherently trusted that the cloud, and the applications we use are taking care of security, and keeping a copy of all our data securely, with everything being backed up automatically and regularly for us. However, within our friendship groups we frequently hear of folk who have lost data, whether that’s photos, contact numbers etc, and whilst sometimes this might have been due to user error (and we’ll talk about the business impact of this in more detail later), there will have been the assumption that all of their files and key data was backed up securely for them in the cloud.

Does Microsoft back up my data?

The simple answer to this is yes – all the apps within the Microsoft365 suite have a built-in backup protocol. However, this native function is only carried out every 12 hours, with the backup only being kept for 14 days. This means there is the ever-present risk that if your business suffered data loss, up to a day’s worth of information may not be restorable. As well as this in-built backup being minimal, it is not designed to provide adequate cover for the following situations:

  • Accidental or malicious purging of recycled/deleted items.

  • Well-meaning users deleting files and information they weren't supposed to.

  • Malicious and unauthorised access being gained to an admin account.

  • Ransomware attack that encrypts files stored in Microsoft365.

Ultimately, it is the business’ responsibility to protect its data. Under Microsoft’s shared responsibility model, it will protect users from disasters that may affect its data centres, as well as hardware/ software failures on its part – however, the individual license holder is responsible for protecting its own data from human error, misconfigured workflows, hackers and viruses.

How much would it cost and how long would it take to recreate everything your team has produced across a whole day? This question is particularly pertinent considering UK Government statistics that 1 in 5 of those companies suffering data loss, be it from cyber attack or human error, go on to lose money, customers and reputation [i].

5 reasons why a 3rd party backup service is a key tool in protecting your data.

1. Integration with your business workflow

In the modern day landscape of flexi-working and ever expanding connectivity, there is no longer any ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to online security and data backup. Employees are logging on to business applications at varying times of the working day, and with the ease of global access that cloud based IT enables, the working day itself may spread across several time zones. Furthermore, using Microsoft365 suite of services, data can move freely between the apps, allowing your team to access the information they need to manage their day-to-day work far more freely and effectively.

At Pro Cloud Solutions, we take time to understand not only what your business does, but how you operate, so our experts will ensure that the backup system we recommend supports your business workflow, and is timed to ensure that your critical data is protected at frequencies that match your particular needs.

2. Tailored to the level of sophistication you need

Speaking of specific needs, at Pro Cloud Solutions we work with many organisations whose business operations are bound by industry standards and regulations. Our conversations with firms in the professional services, fintech, healthcare and retail sectors often highlight that the depth and longevity of the native Microsoft 365 backup service doesn’t meet the standards of data retention required by these regulated industries.

By understanding both the needs of your business and the code of conduct requirements of your sector’s regulator, we can advise on the level of backup sophistication that would best suit your individual business, as well as factor in any relevant industry compliances.

3. Reduces drain on time and manpower resources

Technological advancements continue to move at an incredible pace, and much as this regularly brings the opportunity to add both capability and efficiency to business operations, these innovations can only really benefit business when firms have either an in-house IT department, or responsible employees who are not only tech-savvy, but who also regularly undergo training and development to understand new opportunities and potential threats. By bolting on a 3rd party back up service, MSPs such as Pro Cloud Solutions take away this drain on time and manpower, by ensuring that backups are both fit for purpose and automatic, so there is no need for any of your team to remember, to be technically minded or to be responsible for this vital element of your business continuity planning.

“At Pro Cloud Solutions, we understand that for many of the businesses we work with, having an in-house IT expert with their finger on the pulse of shifts in the tech sector is out of reach. One of the main advantages of using an MSP such as us to handle data protection and security, is the up to the minute insight we can offer the firms we partner with – taking away burden and helping them introduce the right backup service for their individual needs” adds Pro Cloud Solutions MD Simon Waugh.

4. A fail-safe allowing business continuity

Bearing in mind the points made above about integration, sophistication and the possible lack of tech expertise within your organisation, it is clear to see how important the use of a tailored 3rd party backup service is. With so much more digital information produced than ever before, as well as an increased reliance on employees having access to it at the click of a button, a fit for purpose backup capability really should be a vital tool in your business continuity amoury.

Business continuity plans are all about mitigating risk and having disaster recovery protocols in place, in order to reestablish key company infrastructure and systems should the need arise. The experienced team at Pro Cloud Solutions can advise on and implement the necessary fail-safes to ensure all aspects of your IT business continuity plan are robust – and the use of a 3rd party backup service always forms a crucial part of the recommendations we make.

5. Putting you in control of your data

Whilst we’ve agreed that few firms want, or can handle the burden of responsibility when it comes to data security, it goes without saying that all companies want to ensure that they have control over their information and the data and insight their teams produce.

Reliance on standard-issue backups that neither match working patterns nor are tailored to the needs of the business not only brings vulnerability, but takes control away. Moreover, when you do need to recover lost data, native restores are time lagged and customer care support may not be as responsive as you would hope.

By using a 3rd party backup package through Pro Cloud Solutions, when the need arises and whether your recovery needs are big or small, we are only an incident ticket away. Our team of experts offer a round the clock service – allowing you to be back to where you need to be as quickly as possible.

Pro Cloud Solutions MD Simon Waugh concludes:

“In the fast-paced modern business world where downtime is not only unacceptable but can also be costly both in time and money, we always strongly recommend our clients add a robust backup package to their business continuity measures. Even with the strongest protocols in place, mistakes and breaches can occur. This is why it is vital to have the additional fail-safe of a 3rd party backup system in place, to ensure your business-critical data files and systems are protected, and can be recovered quickly and effectively”

Choose an IT partner who is trusted - and who has security and functionality at the heart of what they do, and how they operate. At Pro Cloud Solutions our certified experts work with over 700 businesses worldwide – spanning not only the globe, but also all sizes of business and industry. Trust us to help you secure your company’s data - the backbone of your business operations.




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