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  • Benefit Or Barrier? Research Shows Pivotal Role Of Tech In Staff Satisfaction

    Benefit Or Barrier? Research Shows Pivotal Role Of Tech In Staff Satisfaction Freshworks Inc. have recently unveiled results of a survey of over 9000 workers, revealing that businesses globally face a potential workplace crisis due to inadequate technology - damaging employee productivity, mental health and the ability to retain talent*. Despite the global shift to hybrid work igniting the biggest surge in technology investment in history, an overwhelming 91% of employees report being frustrated due to inadequate workplace technology. Simon Waugh, MD at Pro Cloud Solutions concurs: “Tech frustration, and ways to overcome it, is a common theme in the regular conversations that I have with businesses - particularly in those early-stage discussions as we really get to know new clients. In our work as a Managed Service Provider, we’ve had the satisfaction of seeing how great tech can have such a positive impact on not only business operations, but also on team morale, so the statistics from this research really hit home” Efficiency and Productivity At Pro Cloud Solutions we understand the direct link between these two pillars of business success, and all too often see the negative impact on both, when systems and ways of working are no longer fit for purpose – particularly for those firms where operations have now ceased to be carried out all under one roof. Despite the capabilities of tech being a hot topic both during and post pandemic, the June 2022 Freshworks research found that employees reported widespread failures from the workplace technology they use every day. Top complaints included: Slow speeds (51%) Extended response times from IT teams (34%) Lack of collaboration between departments (30%) Missing important features/capabilities (28%) Lack of automation (25%) The Freshworks survey also reveals that dated tech is restricting business productivity, as frustrated employees grapple with daily IT challenges. More than half (57%) of unsatisfied employees say their current software makes them less productive. Nearly half (44%) of employees surveyed say the time spent dealing with technology issues has increased since the beginning of the pandemic. MSPs Can Make All The Difference We are often asked why a business should use a Managed Service Provider (MSP) such as ourselves, and much as the survey figures are a difficult read, a move to cloud based IT through Pro Cloud Solutions is a positive step to mitigating much of the frustration demonstrated in the research, as our services offer businesses of all sizes a real step change in both IT efficiency and productivity. Take a look at our recent blog for more detail on the host of benefits that we bring to business. Impact of Technology on Staff Wellbeing Nearly half (49%) of the employees surveyed by Freshworks reported that inadequate workplace technology causes them to feel stressed, and 48% claim it has negatively impacted their mental health. This is felt at all levels, with 38% of business leaders reporting that their failure to deliver adequate workplace technology to their stakeholders causes them to feel stressed. As businesses make a more permanent move to hybrid or flexi working, the ongoing effects of more separated ways of working must not be ignored. Moreover, as these new practices allow for far more remote working, from almost endless locations both nationally and internationally, reliable technology which is both fit for purpose and up to date is a vital factor in reducing workplace stress. This is reinforced by recent research from Ricoh** which reveals that a third of UK employees regularly feel unmotivated while working remotely, due to technology and communication issues. The Difference Is Pro Cloud Solutions Our team of tech experts offer a round the clock support service, ensuring that when it comes to speed, our clients benefit from not only rapid connection, but also swift resolution of issues. Employees are willing to accept that sometimes things don’t work as they should, but the stress and frustration comes when they either don’t know who to ask, or in-house support is not wraparound - meaning that these issues aren’t fixed quickly. Furthermore, as we make it our business to really understand our clients, we are always looking for common or reoccurring issues so we can present solutions and offer staff training. We understand the major role that the ability to communicate and collaborate has on both business operations and staff morale. Partnering with Pro Cloud Solutions opens up access to the latest technology from the Microsoft 365 suite, that both allows and fosters connected working, and our certified team are on hand to advise at every step. Speak to us about the comms and shared working barriers in your organisation and we can advise on the particular aspects of Microsoft 365 that can make a real and lasting impact to dialogue within your business, as well as help you ensure all your team are using these tools to the maximum benefit. Our handy guide to the advantages of the Microsoft 365 applications can be found here. Impact of Technology on Recruitment and Retention There was much discussion in the latter half of 2021 about the so-called ‘Great Resignation’, where thousands of employees looked for what they hoped would be a ‘grass is greener’ career change or job move. Worryingly, this trend seems to be continuing, adding real pressure on the jobs market, as 44% of workers surveyed by Freshworks stated they were considering leaving their current employer in 2022. Whilst pay and benefits will always top the ‘reasons to leave’ in such surveys, it is insightful to see both lack of flexible working opportunities and innovative tech are in the top five. Recent UK specific research by Ricoh revealed that people felt inadequate technology and a lack of collaborative working environment were holding back more accommodating and agile ways of working, directly leading to negative feelings of the business being stale and behind the times. David Mills, CEO, Ricoh Europe, adds: “While digital transformation may have been on their long-term roadmap, there’s now no time to waste for business. Without the technology that makes it easy and safe to work effectively from anywhere, business owners are facing a brain drain of their top talent” Partner with Pro Cloud Solutions We understand that your team are the heartbeat of your company, and we appreciate the high cost of recruitment both in time and money. Partnering with Pro Cloud Solutions gives you access to the latest technology and our experienced team will work with you to ensure frustrations are reduced by the introduction of smarter and more connected ways of working, matched specifically to the make-up of your business and the needs of you and your staff. Simon Waugh concludes: “Working with Pro Cloud Solutions is all about parity of technology - we take away the worry of keeping up with the competition, guaranteeing that access to great IT isn’t dependent on the budget for a large tech spend. Manageable monthly payments that can flex up and down dependent on need, ensure that your team benefit from industry leading systems, security and connectivity whatever your company size. Pro Cloud Solutions enables your business to maintain that competitive edge, helping you to retain expertise within your team as you strive forward for new business” For a friendly conversation about the precise needs of your particular business operation, Pro Cloud Solutions offer a free initial consultation with one of our expert team – contact us today. Pro Cloud Solutions provides Cloud IT and Hosting Services to a range of businesses across the UK and around the World. Based in Taunton, Somerset and proud to support local businesses.

  • Why Your SME Needs An MSP – Insight From The Experts At Pro Cloud Solutions

    Why Your SME Needs An MSP – Insight From The Experts At Pro Cloud Solutions In a nutshell, partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for your business’ IT needs takes you from a position of decision making based on thinking you know what is best, to developing tech strategies centred around what definitely is the optimum for the business. Simon Waugh, MD at Pro Cloud Solutions explains: “It is really inspirational to discuss business with the directors of SMEs – they are very often fearless and agile, and it is commonplace that their passion for what they offer has led to impressive company growth. We do however, find that quite regularly the level of digital expertise within the business has not kept pace with the firm’s expansion.” Cost And The Cost Of Not In an organisation where cash-flow is king there is often a perception that having a more switched-on IT strategy will come at unmanageable cost. However, one of the main benefits of using an MSP is that resource decisions can be more easily made based on the company’s individual technology needs, with the MSP using their expertise to ensure that only what is needed is provided, and that applications are adding real value. Furthermore, partnering with an MSP brings no requirement for significant upfront expenditure, and many SMEs find the regular monthly payments not only easier to budget for, but also dependable on the basis that there is no need for contingency funds to be set aside. Whilst discussing finances here, it is important to also focus on the potential cost ramifications of continuing ‘as is’. Simon expands: “In many of the conversations I have with business leaders, when it comes to decisions on how to implement and manage IT systems, there is a reliance on their most tech-literate member of staff, who more often than not was never recruited with company IT as part of their position or responsibilities. Much as this resourceful characteristic is always admirable, relying on someone with limited knowledge within the business can be a vulnerable strategy, with potential costly implications.” Keeping Your Business Safe And Secure Taking a scatter gun approach to IT, or relying on the assumptions of well meaning, but often under-skilled team members can leave a business and its sensitive data exposed, particularly as access to company files is required from a growing number of locations and from across a variety of devices. Working with an MSP affords secure protection for mission critical data and systems. Providers such as Pro Cloud Solutions apply industry leading security protocols to each part of their process, and will have robust disaster recovery mechanisms in place. It is also true that the sophistication of cyber security measures implemented by the MSP’s cloud data centres will be far beyond those affordable to most SMEs. Simon corroborates: “From a security perspective alone, by relying on someone with limited knowledge you could be opening your business up to cyber threats that could end up costing a lot more than partnering with an MSP.” ENISA, the EU Agency for Cyber Security is also clear in its warning to SMEs: “In a time of increased remote work and growing cyber threats, SMEs are facing major cyber security challenges. Low-security budget, lack of cyber-skills and increase in cyber-attacks can seriously impact SME's competitiveness and compromise the supply chain they are connected to. This is why it is fundamental for SMEs to start taking the right steps to secure their business.” Efficiency And Expertise At Your Beck And Call Technological advancements continue to move at an incredible pace, and much as this regularly brings the opportunity add both capability and efficiency to business operations, these innovations can only really benefit business when decision making involves an outsourced partner, or an employee who is not only tech-savvy, but who also regularly undergoes training and development to fully understand new advancements. “At Pro Cloud Solutions, we understand that for many SMEs, having an in-house IT expert with their finger on the pulse of shifts in the tech sector is out of reach. That’s why one of the main advantages of using an MSP such as ourselves, is the up to the minute insight we can offer the firms we partner with – helping them introduce new applications that yield measured efficiency” adds Simon. Whilst discussing expertise here, it is important to also note that working with an MSP offers access to this know-how across many more hours than any in-house employee is available, with providers offering support on a 24/7 365 basis. The advantages of this aspect will only increase as more firms expand their operations internationally, as well as introducing flexible and hybrid working patterns for their teams. Enabling Growth In the same way that an SME would look to bring in the expertise of an employment or HR specialist to ensure the successful recruitment for key expansion roles, partnering with an MSP to implement and manage IT systems ensures the continued growth of the business can be achieved swiftly and securely. As a key benefit, MSPs such as Pro Cloud Solutions offer tech-agility as products and services can be up- and down-scaled as the need requires and changes can be implemented without stifling lag times. Furthermore, using a trusted IT partner means that advice is always on hand regarding what set up is the best fit, not only for your business’ current situation, but to meet the objectives of future growth and development plans. Not All MSPs Are The Same – Put Your Trust In Pro Cloud Solutions Whether engaging with Pro Cloud Solutions is your first step in outsourcing, or you are already used to delegating aspects of your business to external specialists, you can be assured that our aim is to get you working smarter and faster. The Pro Cloud Solutions difference is that we really are a one stop shop for all your IT support needs and we are specialists in helping companies of all sizes with digital transformation. We appreciate that your needs can change over time and so the breadth of products and services we offer mean that whatever you need, you can achieve it through us and we’ll ensure what you are paying for is always the best fit. What’s more, with our ongoing client support we will identify possible IT weaknesses you may have, and work with you to overcome any issues. Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts and learn how working with Pro Cloud Solutions will enable your business to develop and grow, with digital efficiency and cyber security built in to every process. Pro Cloud Solutions provides Cloud IT and Hosting Services to a range of businesses across the UK and around the World. Based in Taunton, Somerset and proud to support local businesses.

  • Online Safety And Security – At Pro Cloud Solutions Your Business Is Safe In Our Hands

    Online Safety And Security – At Pro Cloud Solutions Your Business Is Safe In Our Hands The ever-onward march of technology, coupled with post-pandemic ‘new normal’ working patterns, means that more business processes and operations are being carried out online or digitally than ever before. Furthermore, company information and systems are being accessed over a growing number of devices in often a wide and varied number of locations, across the UK and abroad. It is also unfortunately a fact that as digital usage is increasing, so are the potential threats to online safety and security. Here at Pro Cloud Solutions, many of the conversations we have with clients and potential customers are around mitigating the business’ wider online exposure with measures to protect access to mission critical data and systems. Assessing the Threats According to the National Cyber Security Centre's 2021 annual review [1], there were three times as many ransomware attacks in the first quarter of 2021 than in the whole of 2019. The recent Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2022 compiled annually by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport [2] reports that threats to cyber security (such as phishing, denial of service or malware) are rising, with 39% of businesses reporting a cyber security incident in the last 12 months, and of those firms, 31% estimating that they were attacked at least once a week. This comes as almost two-thirds of respondents told Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s wide-ranging late 2021 survey of UK Executives [3] that they expect cyber-security threats of all shapes to increase significantly over time. In contrast to the vital and expanding part that digital and online applications play in our business lives, the DCMS survey suggests that whilst cyber security is being discussed at board level more than it was when the survey was first run in 2016/ 17, despite high profile instances of cyber-attacks over the last few years, tackling threat is not moving much further up the agenda. Providing the Solutions Using Outsourced Specialists to demystify the process The DCMS survey found that medium and smaller organisations took little proactive action on cyber security, driven by a lack of internal knowledge and competing priorities with their budgets. They often had a fear of the technicalities of cyber security and a preference to not research and mitigate against the risks they presented. The survey also found that despite the quality and assurance advantages that using an outsourced IT specialist can bring, only 40% of UK businesses were working with one in any capacity. At Pro Cloud Solutions we look after businesses of all sizes, and with all levels of technical knowledge. We have significant experience of ensuring that when it comes to IT security and protection, we always package our services to provide the best fit for each individual company. Our team are highly skilled, armed with all the very latest knowledge and certification – but what makes Pro Cloud Solutions different is that we are on a mission to work across all levels of understanding, each and every time. This ensures our advice is clear and uncomplicated from initial service discussions through to implementation and our ongoing support services. Balancing Security and Budgetary Concerns The DCMS survey found that many businesses knew there could be a potentially devastating impact on their firm from a cyber-attack, but were not sure of the specifics of how to manage this from a budgetary point of view. Concerns over possible costs and worry over potential significant outlay meant financial priorities often focused on the immediate operational side of the organisation, rather than on protection and risk mitigation. With Pro Cloud Solutions, our industry leading services are cloud-based, with no requirement for significant upfront expenditure, and many of the firms we look after find the regular monthly payments not only easier to budget for, but also dependable on the basis that there is no need for contingency funds to be set aside. Our best-in-class range of services and applications are at the forefront of innovation and compliance, meaning that whatever package we put together, clients can be assured that our knowledgeable team of industry experts apply sophisticated security protocols to each part of the process, and ensure robust disaster recovery mechanisms are in place. Using the very latest updates and application upgrades The National Cyber Security Centre regularly warns that pre 8.1 versions of Microsoft Windows are no longer tech supported, and so pose an increased security threat, with added exposure and vulnerability. Worryingly though, the DCMS survey highlights that 23 – 25% of medium and large businesses still have older versions of windows installed on company devices. At Pro Cloud Solutions we take away all of the complication around updates and upgrades for our clients. Unlike traditional on-premises software which requires regular maintenance and upgrades, with our cloud-based 365 suite, Microsoft provides an ever-evolving platform, with new capabilities being released regularly. We work hand in hand with businesses to ensure that teams are always accessing the most up to date versions of Microsoft 365 products, which have the very latest innovations and security provisions in-built. As we increasingly benefit from, but also rely more heavily on the use of technology in our business operations, it has never been more important to ensure that sound measures are in place to protect data, systems and staff. Reach out to Pro Cloud Solutions for an initial conversation with one of our expert team. Our aim, from the moment you contact us, is to work alongside your business, ensuring that partnering with Pro Cloud Solutions has a real and lasting impact on the efficiency and security on your company. Footnote Links [1] [2] [3] Pro Cloud Solutions provides Cloud IT and Hosting Services to a range of businesses across the UK and around the World. Based in Taunton, Somerset and proud to support local businesses.

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  • Pro Cloud Solutions – Cloud IT Support | Remote Desktops | Taunton, UK

    The Cloud IT Company with a Difference Providing Cloud IT and Hosting Services to a range of businesses across the UK and around the World OUR SERVICES Cloud IT Support & Hosting Services Based in Taunton, Somerset and proud to support local businesses HOSTED DESKTOPS Work faster, smarter in an ultra-secure cloud environment, anywhere, any time with our virtual desktops. LEARN MORE MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 Fully supported and Managed Microsoft cloud products for a low monthly cost per user, search our full range. LEARN MORE HOSTED EMAIL The best-in-class business email solution, Access your emails anytime, anywhere, synchronised across all your devices. LEARN MORE MICROSOFT TEAMS PHONE Get the premium cloud-based VOIP telephony solution that runs on Microsoft Teams. ​ LEARN MORE AZURE VIRTUAL DESKTOP Microsoft’s equivalent to our hosted desktops, best virtualised cloud experience for combining Microsoft 365 packages. LEARN MORE IT SUPPORT SERVICES We provide outsourced IT support to many businesses throughout the UK, find out more about what services we can offer. LEARN MORE Discover the Benefits of Cloud Hosting Reduce costs Security Flexibility Mobility Collaboration Disaster Recovery Loss Prevention Managed Updates LEARN MORE Schedule a Free Consultation We understand that in IT one size does not fit all, so we offer a free initial consultation to really understand your business and your IT needs, we will assess your existing IT infrastructure and advise on the best products and hosted services tailored to your requirements CONTACT US The Pro Cloud Difference At the heart of everything we do at Pro Cloud Solutions is a real desire to offer a differential to industry norms. Whether it’s the range of products we offer or the services we provide to clients, we are determined to demonstrate a step change from what you have likely experienced elsewhere. DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE Pro Cloud Solutions News

  • Microsoft 365 Business Voice - Pro Cloud Solutions | Cloud IT | Taunton Somerset

    Microsoft Teams Phone Microsoft Teams Phone is a cost effective cloud-based telephony solution that can be accessed from any device and fully integrates into Microsoft Office 365. It gives you calling together with chat and meetings in a single app, Microsoft Teams. HOME > SERVICES > MICROSOFT TEAMS PHONE What is Microsoft Teams Phone? Microsoft Teams Phone is a cost effective cloud-based telephony solution that can be accessed from any device and fully integrates into Microsoft Office 365. It’s next generation calling features enable businesses to unify their communications, replace on-premise PBX and integrates seamlessly within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem best of all as it’s cloud based, it enables you to remove all legacy on premise phone systems. ​ Microsoft Teams integrates with Microsoft 365 Business Voice, combining calling, chat, file sharing, calendar and meetings within in a single application. The Microsoft Teams application provides a familiar Office 365 experience to end users and is considered the leading player in the UCaaS landscape. Whats Included? Enterprise-grade Phone System Reliable and secure calling delivered from Microsoft’s trusted cloud. Built-in Audio Conferencing Add flexibility to your meetings with a dial-in number, integrated into every online meeting. Calling Plan Get new phone numbers or migrate existing ones. Make and receive PSTN calls to any number. What does Microsoft Teams Phone include? 1200 minutes of domestic calling per licence (UK Local, National & Mobile) International calling plans and communication credits can be purchased as an add on if required. Cloud-based phone system with advanced features including call transfer, multi-level auto attendants, and call queues. Built-in redundancy and load balancing with a 99.9% uptime guarantee via the Microsoft Cloud Dial-in audio conferencing for up to 250 people per meeting. Call from anywhere, on any device through the Microsoft Teams app on desktop, mobile, web, and desk phones Prices Starting from £17 per Month LEARN MORE

  • Hosted Remote Desktop UK - Pro Cloud Solutions | Cloud Hosted Desktops | Taunton

    Hosted Desktops Work from Any device, Anytime, Anywhere with our fully managed solution. HOME > SERVICES > HOSTED DESKTOPS Pro Cloud Solutions Hosted Desktops (Desktop as a service) enable businesses to connect to their own dedicated virtual server which simplifies management, provisioning and access to corporate data and applications. Our pay monthly price plan eradicates the need for expensive onsite hardware & software costs and gives you access to an efficient and affordable enterprise IT infrastructure. Work from Anywhere on Any Device All you need is an Internet connection Work from the office, home, hotels or even client offices Work from any devices including - Windows, Android, Apple and Linux Hosted Desktop Overview All in One Package From as little as £35 p/m LEARN MORE MS Access We specialise in Hosting MS Access Applications in the cloud. LEARN MORE Key Features MS Office Managed Migration Daily Backups ISO27001 Datacentres No minimum users Fantastic Support Managed Anti-Virus Managed Updates Managed Cisco Firewall Unlike many other providers all the essential services and software are included as standard Benefits Of A Hosted Desktop Work From Anywhere All you need is an internet connection Work from the office, home or even clients offices Work from any devices including Windows, Android, Apple and Linux 24/7 Support Highly experienced, certified technicians Interactive Service Desk Online incident tracking Client Knowledge-base system Fast response telephone support Remote support via remote control software Monthly Reporting Microsoft Office Suite Latest MS Office suite for all users Microsoft Licensing taken care of Managed MS Office updates Applications included as standard – Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher Business Continuity 90 days worth of backups Industry leading backup software Geo Redundant backup storage 99.9% uptime High availability enterprise infrastructure Managed Disaster recovery Cyber Security Compliant with latest regulations Secure data centres in the UK – ISO27001 certified VPN – L2TP / IPsec – Encrypted Tunnel Managed Hardware Firewall - 0 open ports Managed Anti-Virus software Managed Windows updates Managed Software updates Folder Permissions control Cost & Time Effective Let us take care of the IT headaches for you Free up your time to concentrate on what matters No need to purchase expensive hardware No more worrying about Microsoft licensing Microsoft Office products included as standard Backups and disaster recovery taken care of Everything included in an affordable monthly subscription.

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